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How do you grow, with confidence?

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2020 was undoubtedly the year of ‘un’. Unpredictable, uncertain, unprecedented. Uncertainty continues to be the prevailing theme going into 2021 too. There are many PEST forces influencing Financial Services, and consumers alike – while the pandemic has caused a significant amount of impact, it’s not the only risk. Brexit, regulation, digitisation, and customer needs and behaviours all continue to disrupt, and change the parameters of how people spend, save and borrow. Yet, while there are many causes of change, confidence and growth remain the focal trends for all lenders, new and traditional – as such, with applications lower than last year and peoples affordability in disarray, it’s more important than ever to have responsive and accurate lending strategies – and competitive propositions and experiences.

As in 2020, resilience, adaptability and preparedness will be key if you are to find, acquire and onboard new customers effectively, and retain and grow your market share. During this webinar we look at what’s happened and what is currently happening.

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Things you will learn from this webinar

  • How has the credit market changed – whose applying, or defaulting? How have product demand and dynamics, changed? (Unearthed from Experian’s unique and expansive data sources)
  • Who is most at risk, and what sectors and people show signs of resilience?
  • What are the key risks that will impact new lending growth over the next two years, as we head into economic recovery?
  • How can you optimise your lending decisions to better price, limit set and contact customers?
  • How do you improve your agility and response, understand where your models are performing – or not?
  • How do pending regulatory changes influence risk decisions & strategies.


We delve into Experian's credit and economic data in order to look back and forward

  • Consumer credit risk – performance, delinquencies, affordability and exposure;
  • Macroeconomic risks – the immediate and longer-term impacts brought by the recession, specifically drilling down from regional to local area exposure, and opportunity;
  • Commercial credit risk – insolvencies, performance, demand and employment trends;


  • Fraud – unpicking the risks posed by an accelerated digital economy, exploring routes of fraud and product type exposure;
  • Behavioural trends – new analysis from non-traditional data sources to dig into behavioural trends;
  • The Experian team will also share their views on what effective strategies, and responses are required in order to better adapt, survive and thrive during these uncertain times.



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Experian Decisioning: Adapt to the evolving credit market

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