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If AI is going to shape the future - why Ethics is critical

08 Oct 2019
Theatre 2
Fintech and the Evolution of Banking

‘move fast and break things’ describes Mr Zuckerberg’s approach to world-conquering technology, but also describes a toddler let loose in a new environment. If we’re serious about developing AI to shape the future, then we need to be grown-up about it; especially those of us in regulated industries - we need to try to ‘move fast’ where possible - but never, ever ‘break things’. Charles Radclyffe, the Head of AI at Fidelity describes how AI Ethics needs to be thought of as separate to Risk and Safety issues such as ‘explainability’, ‘transparency’ and bias; yet why it’s critical to get right if you are to win the trust of customers and colleagues in the quest for delivering AI innovation.

Charles Radclyffe, Head of AI - Fidelity International

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