Future-Proof Your Payments Strategy: Data, growth and new customer demands

15 Sep 2020
This year’s crisis has accelerated shifts in digital commerce. Customers are bringing new demands and expectations. Merchants need to be agile when it comes to their payments offering, they need to ensure security while driving up payments optimization and authorization rates. In this session we will explore how the new customer demands can be in conflict and how to tackle strategies that will help merchants future-proof their business and unlock more value through payments.
Matthieu Barral , Senior Vice President Commercial Europe - Checkout.com

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Join the Experian team to learn: 

  • How has the credit market changed
  • Who is most at risk, and what sectors and people show signs of resilience?
  • What are the key risks that will impact new lending growth over the next two years, as we head into economic recovery?
  • How can you optimise your lending decisions to better price, limit set and contact customers?
  • and much more.

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