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Fraud Leaders' Summit

                February 2024 | London                                         



The Exclusive Summit 
for Payments Leaders

Bringing together payments industry leaders specifically in the Fraud sector and the most innovative suppliers for a personalised itinerary of one-to-one meetings, networking and interactive discussions and seminars.

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2023 Summit Agenda

  1. Registration & Coffee
    45 mins
  1. 60 mins

    Point of sale Fraud & Security (POS)

    • Emerging trends and techniques in POS fraud
    • Addressing challenges in online and mobile-based POS fraud
    • Educating and training staff for effective fraud prevention


    Online Fraud Prevention (APP scam) - Sponsored by Actimize

    • Understanding different types of APP scams
    • Enhancing mobile app security for fraud prevention
    • Raising awareness and user education for APP scams


    Data & Analytics – Fraud

    • Leveraging data and analytics for fraud detection
    • Implementing AI and machine learning in fraud prevention
    • Collaboration and information sharing for effective fraud prevention


    Chargebacks - Sponsored by Accertify

    • Effective management and prevention of chargebacks
    • Fraudulent chargebacks and risk mitigation
    • Collaboration and communication in chargeback management
  1. One to One meetings and Networking Refreshment Break
    90 mins
  1. Lunch & Networking
    75 mins
  1. One to One meetings and Networking Refreshment Break
    60 mins
  1. 60 mins

    Technology: Biometrics, AI & Machine Learning

    • Harnessing biometrics for enhanced security
    • Leveraging AI and machine learning for advanced analytics
    • Enhancing customer experience through technology


    AML (Anti-money laundering)

    • Regulatory compliance and AML frameworks
    • Utilizing technology in AML efforts
    • Collaboration and information sharing in AML


    Risk Management / KYC

    • Establishing a robust risk management framework
    • Strengthening KYC processes for effective customer due diligence
    • Building a culture of compliance and ethics


    Regulatory Compliance

    • Staying updated with regulatory changes
    • Compliance frameworks and practices
    • Ethical considerations in regulatory compliance
  1. 135 mins

2023 Summit Themes

  • Government Actions & Regulatory updates 
  • How will Fraud manifest in the future 
  • Online to Bricks-and-Mortar Fraud management Strategies
  • Case Studies from Retailers and Banks
  • Managing your Risk through Data and Analytics – having the right data to understand what is ‘Acceptable Fraud’ 
  • Building the right balance, priority and relationship between Banks and Merchants – Chargeback Recovery 


  • Card Fraud / 1st Party Fraud 
  • Pursuit of Criminal Conviction / Action Fraud / Police interest & capabilities 
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Latest Technology & Innovations (AI, ML)
  • Biometrics
  • Crypto / Digital Currency / Metaverse


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