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15-16 October 2024

Summit Agenda

  1. 20 mins
    How can we navigate the challenges of making truly global payments a reality?
  1. PANEL DISCUSSION: AI Revolutionising Payment Dynamics: Exploring Breakthroughs and Challenges
    35 mins
    • How are AI-powered payment features reshaping consumer behaviour and expectations?
    • What role does AI play in addressing the unique regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance while driving innovation?
    • In what ways can businesses leverage AI to anticipate and adapt to emerging trends and the future consumer?

    sponsored by Stripe

  1. 60 mins
    • Open Banking, sponsored by Truelayer
    • Cross Border Payments, sponsored by Currencycloud
    • Network Tokens, sponsored by Evervault
    • Payment Orchestration
    • In Store Payments
  1. 5 mins
  1. 90 mins
    11:10-11:40 I 11:40-12:10 I 12:10-12:40
  1. 60 mins
  1. 40 mins
    Join some of the most inspiring female leaders within the industry
  1. KEYNOTE: A Merchant Conversation:
    20 mins

    Driving Conversion through Seamless Checkout Experience

    sponsored by Clearpay

  1. PANEL DISCUSSION: Unlocking the Potential of Digital Wallets: Enhancing Security, Convenience, and Customer Loyalty Through Tokenization and Interoperability
    40 mins
    • What are digital wallet use cases for the entire payment ecosystem, from acquirer to customer?
    • How can merchants build new functionality to reap the rewards of network tokens?
    • How are digital payments encouraging economic and environmental sustainability?

    sponsored by PayPal

  1. 5 mins
  1. 90 mins
    14:50-15:20 I 15:20-15:50 I 15:50-16:20
  1. PANEL DISCUSSION:  Managing Multinational Payments: Strategies for Boosting Sales, Mitigating Risks, and Navigating Emerging Markets
    35 mins
    • What customer insights can we get from data and analytics?
    • What issues are caused by geo-political, economic and cultural differences?
    • What benefits can local offering bring to your customers?

    sponsored by Unlimit

  1. 60 mins
    • Subscriptions
    • Real Time Payments
    • B2B Payments
    • AI & Machine Learning
    • Fraud Prevention, sponsored by IFX Payments
  1. 120 mins
  1. KEYNOTE: Learnings from Building a Global Payments Orchestration Platform
    30 mins
    • Core principles for Constructing a Reliable, Scalable, and High-Performance payments platform that can handle millions of transactions daily
    • Strategies for balancing the dual of payment cost & conversion with the levers of payment experience & orchestration

    sponsored by Hyperswitch, powered by Juspay

  1. PANEL DISCUSSION: Globalising Payments: Make Your Business A Destination!
    35 mins
    • How can we ensure we are welcoming tourists coming into the UK through their payment experience?
    • What do we need to understand about the customer expectations when travelling abroad?
    • How can your acquirer support a seamless payment journey for travelling cardholders?

    sponsored by Discover Global Network

  1. 5 mins
  1. 90 mins
    10:55-11:25 I 11:25-11:55 I 11:55-12:25
  1. 45 mins
  2. 45 mins
    sit down in an intimate setting with the key policy makes and influencers to discuss the issues that are impacting your roadmap at the moment, and have your voice heard around their next steps!
  1. PANEL DISCUSSION: Optimizing Omnichannel Payment Processes for Enhanced Conversion and Security
    35 mins
    • What technologies are being utilised to improve payment acceptance?
    • How can tailored solutions contribute to positive user experience to avoid cart abandonment?
    • How to ensure payment performance is not negatively impacting bottom line?

    sponsored by Ecommpay

  1. 30 mins
  1. 5 mins
  1. 60 mins
    • Open Banking
    • Cross Border Payments, sponsored by Computop
    • Payment Optimisation & Analytics, sponsored by Inai
    • Seamless Checkout & Ecommerce
    • Regulation, PSD3
  1. PANEL DISCUSSION:  Evolving Open Banking Payments: Enhancing Speed, Cost, and Security While Meeting New User Expectations
    40 mins
    • How have legislative developments opened the path for A2A payments?
    • How can we overcome the issues surrounding risk, coverage and cost?
    • What can these developments suggest for financial inclusion of the underbanked?

    sponsored by Ivy

  1. 10 mins
    • Summary of both days
    • Prize draw for attendees

2024 Summit Themes

  • Payments Industry Regulators Update

  • Strategies, Innovation and Future Payment Trends 

  • Navigating Operational Excellence on a Worldwide Scale

  • Future of Open Banking Without Schemes

  • Digital Payments: Mobile Wallets and Fraud Prevention
  • BNPL, Subscription, Network Tokens

  • AI & ML

  • PLS - women in payments brunch
  • SoftPOS, APP Scams
  • Payment Orchestration 

  • Deep dive roundtables by solutions; Fraud Prevention and Risks, Instant and Cross Border Payments, Mobile, QR Payments and Digital Wallets, Open Banking, Payment Orchestration, Subscriptions, Tokenisation