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Adrian Evans

Adrian Evans

Founder, Payments Leaders Advisory

Adrian Evans is the Founder of Payments Leaders Advisory, an executive advisory and consulting firm. He is the author of Be a Job Magnet and the host of the Payments Leaders Show Podcast.

Throughout the Payments industry, Adrian drives compelling engagements and achieves tangible strategic outcomes. He develops impactful leaders and brings awareness of the complexities and considerations of the industry to board discussions. 
What does Adrian do?
•    He is an Advisor to and Confidant of CEOs and Executive Leaders. 
•    He delivers Board Facilitation. 
•    He advises on the optimal 'Go to Market' Revenue Strategy. 
He is passionate about enabling women to be appropriately rewarded for the value they add and has co-created and led the highly-successful “Impactful Negotiations for Women” program.
Adrian’s purpose is to positively impact 20,000 careers whilst on this planet.