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Andrew Eichel

Andrew Eichel

VP of Payments & Compliance,

Andrew Eichel is the second employee of Inc., the nation’s first digital platform for ordering official state lottery draw and scratch games on both mobile and web based platforms. Since opening their Jersey City headquarters during the pandemic in June of 2020, Mr. Eichel has been instrumental in the growth of from four employees to over 170 nationwide, and serves on the Company’s Board of Directors. is now available in 10 states and is the fastest growing company in the sector.

Mr. Eichel previously served as Senior Manager, Director of Payments at CFSB where he helped modernize the US payments landscape by regulating and introducing several global products to the US market such as; Skrill, Revolut, Gohenry, Greenlight, Bento, and more. During his time at CFSB he worked directly with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and the OCC. Prior to CFSB, Mr. Eichel was the AVP at Praxell, an early-stage startup offering unique turnkey payment solutions to businesses. 

Mr. Eichel is an authority in the Compliance field with extensive knowledge of the AML, KYC, Geolocation, GRC, Audit management, Customer Communication FTC compliance, and Risk Management fields.  

Mr. Eichel holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice from the University of Albany.