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Claire Maillet

Claire Maillet

PhD Researcher, University of Portsmouth

PhD Researcher - University of Portsmouth

Claire has worked in financial crime prevention for 9 years, having worked her way up from 'Analyst' to ‘Director' in a short period of time. She has held previous positions at Amazon, Cifas, WorldFirst and Jaja Finance, and currently works at Ziglu as Director of Financial Crime Operations.

In 2023 Claire has been shortlisted for several accolades including “Disability Champion Award” and “Woman of the Year”, as well as currently being a four-time Tacking Economic Crime Awards finalist. Claire was honoured to be awarded Director of the Year at the 2023 FinTechAwards.

In her spare time, Claire undertakes a part-time PhD in Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth, looking at internal fraud within FinTechs, which she is due to complete in 2025. In July 2023 Claire was also invited to be on VigiTrust’s Global Advisory Board.

Claire is a seasoned national and international public speaker, on the subjects of internal and external fraud, disability and inclusion.

In early 2024 Claire will be launching ‘fraudible’- a video podcast combining fraud practitioner experience and academic fraud theory.