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Isabella Tisenhusen

Isabella Tisenhusen

Head of Legal, Outlier Ventures

Isabella is providing strategic legal advice and working closely with other senior executives to ensure that Outlier Ventures delivers its mission. Outlier Ventures is the leading Web 3 accelerator globally, supporting 100+ early stage companies yearly. 

Outlier Ventures was one of the first investors in the emerging crypto ecosystem. Their portfolio includes notable projects across DeFi and blockchain infrastructure. Outlier Ventures is accelerating the Open Metaverse thesis by helping projects launch token networks. They provide a proven framework for growth while weaving together a global network of 1,000+ of leading founders, protocols, and VCs.

Prior to joining Outlier Ventures, Isabella was managing mergers & acquisitions at international law firms. She has worked with clients like Nasdaq, Blackstone, banks and other centralised regulated entities. She is bringing this knowledge to Web 3 and helping build bridges between the traditional world of finance and innovative technologies.