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Masha Cilliers

Masha Cilliers

Principal Consultant, Payment Options Ltd

Masha Cilliers has 30 years of experience in the payments business across traditional and emerging channels, ranging from blue chip companies such as Visa and Microsoft to successful technology start-ups (acquired by large internationals): GlobalCollect (Worldline), Cybersource (Visa), Datacash (Mastercard), Limontik (Thunes).  She worked across disciplines and widely along the value chain of Payments and FinTech and in 2012 became an independent management consultant at Payment Options Ltd. The focus of its consulting is on providing strategic and very practical advice to merchants and payment providers on matters relating to payment processing, fraud and identity management, compliance and partner selection as well as the latest payment and innovation trends, competitive positioning and a better understanding of merchant requirements. Leveraging many years of senior management expertise, Masha also currently acts as a Board Advisor at XanderPay, holds Non-Executive Director position at Trust Payments and is an Advisor at a number of well-known industry associations and forums.