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Pallavi Kapale

Pallavi Kapale

Senior Financial Crime Officer, Bank of China
Pallavi is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in Financial Crime across the 1LOD and 2LOD. Her expertise has been honed through her tenure in several high-street banks. Currently, she serves as a Senior Financial Crime Officer in the Financial Crime Intelligence Unit at the Bank of China.
Pallavi's professional background is marked by her specialization in key areas of Financial Crime. She is an expert in Anti-Money Laundering (AML), fraud prevention/investigations, conducting bank-wide trainings and risk assessments.
Pallavi holds an ICA Diploma in AML and is a Member there. She also has an ICA Advanced Certificate in AML and is an ICA Certified Financial Crime Investigator. She regularly writes articles on financial crime topics on LinkedIn. Pallavi's commitment to financial crime is further demonstrated through her dedication to training and educating her team and mentees, fostering a knowledge-sharing culture. She is also a member of many networking groups in financial crime.
Despite Pallavi's technological proficiency, she doesn't prefer to use NFC payment methods.