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Paul Horlock

Paul Horlock

Chief Payments Officer, Santander

Paul Horlock is currently the Chief Payments Officer of Santander UK and is responsible for creating a single UK Payments team operating in all payment lines across the business and working alongside the European region as part of the One Europe approach. He is also engaging with the development of the global Payments strategy for the Santander group and with the evolution of PagoNxt. Paul brings 20 years’ experience in the payments sector to Santander UK. His most recent position was as Chief Executive of Pay.UK, which he joined at their inception in October 2017 to bring together Faster Payments, Bacs and Cheques into a new UK Domestic scheme serving the UK retail and commercial banking market and delivering key market innovations such as Confirmation of Payee. Prior to this, Paul held senior positions at Nationwide as Director of Payments; leading work in the Payments
Strategy Forum and Open Banking and formerly at Barclays as Head of Global Payment Processing.