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Sruti Jain

Sruti Jain

Senior Consultant North America, Consult Hyperion

Sruti has more than 8 years of industrial, advisory, and research experience in several functions including software development, data science, and machine learning within the payments and digital identity domains.

Sruti joined Consult Hyperion more than 3 years ago where her primary focus has been on strategic and technical advisory projects, guiding clients on their secure emerging technology solution roadmaps, and successful solution design, selection, and implementation within the areas of retail payments, digital identity, smart transactions & transit payments. Providing client support for market analysis, requirements gathering and formulation, technical design, vendor selection, design review, and solution implementation.

Prior to Consult Hyperion, Sruti worked as a Research Analyst on the DARPA-funded project TwoRavens, for the design and development of a data science tool (data-driven discovery of models) to automate the model discovery process for quantitative analysis