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An update from the PayExpo team

Here at PayExpo, we’re obviously delighted by the return to live events and their ability to deliver experiences and connections that the digital environment hasn’t been able to replicate.

However, we’re also aware that not everyone considers that the world has returned to “normal”.

So having consulted widely with our PayExpo community, this year’s event will be slightly different.  Will there be the chance for high-level connections, the opportunity to hear from payment leaders and the chance for private in-depth conversations?  Yes.

Will there be thousands of people bumping into each other on narrow aisles and the need to interact with many people to find the ones that you really want to meet? No

This year, PayExpo brings you the Payment Leaders’ Summit, an invitation-only, meetings-based summit.  Held in an exclusive London venue this is a perfect opportunity for peer-to-peer networking without the current pressures of a large scale live-event.
There are a limited number of places available for senior representatives from banks, retailers and fintechs.  If you would like to participate, please enquire here and if you would like to find out about partnership options, please enquire here