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What is PayExpo Digital?

We know it's been a long time and that many people in the payments industry rely on events for knowledge sharing, industry insights, inspiration and connections.

With so much disruption and many events postponed, we wanted to bring you value at a time when you really need it. PayExpo Digital is more than just a webinar. PayExpo Digital is a virtual event experience that gives you the vital insights, as well as the interaction and connections you need to weather the storm. 

We are hosting a series of virtual events for the payments industry including seminars, panel discussions and networking. 

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Upcoming Virtual Panel Discussion

Customers don't care about channels -
they care about experiences!

2 pm, 18 November 2021

How Tokenisation is empowering merchants in providing exceptional customer experiences.

Our panel will explore:

  • Customer centricity and providing compelling, unified payments experience across channels
  • The need and importance of tokenisation in todays’ dynamically changing payments landscape
  • How it can influence customer journey
  • Boosting customer retention through loyalty programs using tokenisation
  • Why retailers should care about merchant tokens
  • Safeguarding customers and fighting fraud

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On-Demand Webinar

How do you grow, with confidence?


As in 2020, resilience, adaptability and preparedness will be key if you are to find, acquire and onboard new customers effectively, and retain and grow your market share. During this webinar, we looked at what’s happened and what is currently happening.

Things you will learn from this webinar

  • How has the credit market changed – whose applying, or defaulting? How have product demand and dynamics, changed? (Unearthed from Experian’s unique and expansive data sources)
  • Who is most at risk, and what sectors and people show signs of resilience?
  • What are the key risks that will impact new lending growth over the next two years, as we head into economic recovery?
  • How can you optimise your lending decisions to better price, limit set and contact customers?
  • How do you improve your agility and response, understand where your models are performing – or not?
  • How do pending regulatory changes influence risk decisions & strategies.

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Session Available On-Demand

How the Payments Ecosystem is responding to COVID-19

14 July 2020
Now available on-demand on the PayExpo Digital platform.

This digital event will provide an update on how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the payments industry with input from industry bodies, banks, fintechs and retail.



Could COVID-19 boost Open Banking payments?

18 August 2020
Now available on-demand on the PayExpo Digital platform.

This digital event will explore the opportunities for Fintech to drive acceptance of Open Banking. 

  1. Pre-event Networking
    30 mins
    Take time to make connections and organise meetings with other PayExpo Digital attendees.
  1. 15 mins

    In a world where we are still living with COVID-19, it has accelerated a consumer's adoption of digital in every aspect. Banking is no different - a post COVID consumer is more likely to try more innovative banking services. That same post COVID consumer will be more digitally demanding. Unlike Direct Debit, Payment Initiation is as secured as a Card Transaction with a cost equivalent or below a Direct Debit transaction. This goes beyond than just payments - its about enabling simple access to third-party services. Open Banking means collaboration with Fintechs. So banks could use Rapyd's FaaS (Fintech-a s-a-Service) solution to help power their open banking initiatives especially as more consumer/businesses are looking for cross-border solutions.

  1. Post-event Networking
    80 mins
    Continue with your meetings and share your thoughts on the day's sessions.


Retail payments & COVID-19

15 September 2020
Now available on-demand on the PayExpo Digital platform.

This digital event will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on consumer behaviour and how retail and payments might change forever. Our speakers will offer advice on how to prepare for the next SCA deadline and debate the biggest payment hurdles for merchants in 2020. 

  1. Pre-event Networking
    30 mins
    Take time to make connections and organise meetings with other PayExpo Digital attendees.
  1. 15 mins

    As COVID-19 is affecting online shoppers’ behaviours in ways that are creating new data, companies must adapt to the evolving circumstances for their customers. Ecommerce transaction volume will continue to grow, as consumers will increasingly rely on digital for delivery of essential goods for the foreseeable future.

    This shift in consumer shopping behavior; however, increases customer exposure to digital fraud and potential customer insult.  Join Spencer McLain, VP & GM, EMEA at Ekata, to learn more about what patterns we are seeing, and how to ensure you continue to engage with your best companies while protecting your business from fraud in these unprecedented times.

  1. 15 mins
    This year’s crisis has accelerated shifts in digital commerce. Customers are bringing new demands and expectations. Merchants need to be agile when it comes to their payments offering, they need to ensure security while driving up payments optimization and authorization rates. In this session we will explore how the new customer demands can be in conflict and how to tackle strategies that will help merchants future-proof their business and unlock more value through payments.
  1. Post-event Networking
    80 mins
    Continue with your meetings and share your thoughts on the day's sessions.'


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